Pool Party

2016 - 2018

Pool Party was an experimental, experiential aquatic art experience. It consisted of an artist residency and an exhibition space in a swimming pool in Palm Springs, California. The three permanent artists in residence and organizers were Julianne Aguilar, Ray Ewing, and Adrian Pijoan. Between 2016 and 2018 we put on three exhibitions, hosted several visiting artist residencies, and participated in the Art Basil art fair.

Participating artists and guest residents:

Andy Bennett
Jake Borndal
Don Edler
Alexis Grinbold
Colleen Hargaden
Jenalee Harmon
Filip Kostic
Jessamyn Lovell
Lee Montgomery
Tyler Ryan
Lindsey Schmitt
Zach Trow

Adrian Pijoan, Belly Flop Adrian Pijoan, Flat Earth Pool Float Adrian Pijoan, Bigfoot Hold My Drink Adrian Pijoan, Bigfoot Hold My Drink