Paranormal Landscapes

Paranormal Landscapes is an ongoing project documenting locations where paranormal events occurred and the stories, culture, and tourism that form around these sites. UFO crash sites, Bigfoot hotspots, infamous military bases, energy vortexes, mysterious objects...anywhere where a strange legend began.

Through the process of documenting these locations I hope to understand the relationship between paranormal events and the landscapes where they occur, and to better understand the formation of these mythologies.

Roswell UFO Crash Site Sign for the Little A'Le'Inn Cow sign on the Extraterrestrial Highway Area 51 Research Center Alien head wearing an American flag bandana at Alien Fresh Jerky UFO McDonalds in Roswell, NM Area 51 Gate Stars over Tikaboo Peak Nevada Coyote's Flying Suacer Repair alien inside of a UFO ET Helados Chilca Peru Punta Yaya Chila Peru Clouds in Marcahuasi Peru Monument to Humanity in Marcahuasi Peru