Alien Hour

2013-2014, 2018 - ongoing


Alien Hour is the realm of my persona, Dr. Howard -- UFO researcher, cryptozoologist, veterinarian, and true believer. Dr. Howard is not a parody paranormal personalities, but rather a version of myself with all skepticism exorcised.

The core of the project is Dr. Howard’s YouTube channel and talkshow, Alien Hour. But the world of Alien Hour includes Dr. Howard’s personal website, his instagram page, live performances, writings, paintings, photographs, and online interactions with other paranormal researchers and experiencers.

The YouTube videos are meant to be viewed in their environment, complete with the comments and interactions that grow from putting work on a public platform. The individual episodes make up the larger work that is Alien Hour.

Together we’ll believe.

Portrait of Dr. Howard Dr. Howard at Giant Rock Dr. Howard's Alien Hour Set Dr. Howard holding an EMF detector Dr. Howard and Filip Kostic sawing a globe in half Dr. Howard looking out over Tikaboo Peak Dr. Howard's alien abduction experience